Why Medical Co-working space?

Medical co-working is literally like checking into a hotel room where you get access to avail all the facilities and services at a small cost, without owning or renting the property.
It takes away the sour part of medical practice i.e. hassle of staff and physical space management.

Who can benefit from House of Cure?

New Practitioners (Fresh Medical/ Paramedical Graduates)

This is the perfect place for you as you get a risk-free, independent and budget-friendly space with flexible work hours.

As you are just diving into private practice, you can do away with the stress of mounting debts and operational hassle involved in setting up a new place and only focus on establishing your practice.

Established Practitioners (2-40 years in Practice)

Medical co-working space is a simple and cost-effective method for medical and paramedical professionals to transition into a mutli-address expanded practice. Test the waters in a new location with least financial overheads, administrative stress.

Practicing even for few hours a week at different address promises a substantial geographical expansion and awareness for new location, at no extra establishment/ maintenance/ miscellaneous costs.

Retiring Practitioners

Isn’t a place where you can just follow your passion and practice medicine/ paramedicine without any stress of actually having to conduct and monitor the backend work that runs a clinic, a dream come true for a retiring professional?

Just book as per your needs and continue to see your loyal patients. Stay busy and continue practicing minus the financial and operational burdens. Welcome to our retirement paradise.

Happy Patients = Happy Doctors

  • With lower wait-time and negligible operational hassle, doctors can provide a qualitative approach to treat patients.
  • With many physicians under one roof, patients can also take advantage of internal referrals and schedule appointments for the same day saving valuable time and travel costs.
  • Having a relaxed and boutique environment with little resemblance to the commonly feared doctor’s offices and the best infrastructure with latest technologies, patient experience is highly improved.

Medical co-working space would be the next step towards modern affordable and patient friendly practice setups.

Ready to give wings to your private practice?

Head over to our bookings page to check out our plans and pick one that best suits your needs. If you are not ready to commit yet, don’t worry, you can still book slots on Pay as You Go basis.