Find quick answers to some of the most common questions about the services & spaces from House of Cure. Feel free to head over to Contact if you still have any doubts or other queries that are not answered here.


What are the hours of operation?

House of Cure is open 7 days a week from 7 am to 10 pm. As a member, you will have access to the common areas of the facility during any open hours, but you will have access to private rooms only during the days and hours you are contracted for. Access is controlled by access control cards/badges.

We break the day into three shifts as follows:

Morning shift: 7:00 am to 12:00 pm (5.0 hours)

Afternoon shift: 12:30 pm to 5:30 pm (5.0 hours)

Evening shift: 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm (4.0 hours)

Are there any qualifications needed to book a space?

Our main mission is to provide a physical space for health and wellness. Any medical practitioner or professional related to healthcare industry such as doctors (allopathic/ naturopathic/ ayurvedic/ homeopathic etc.), nurses, therapists, nutritionists, physical health professionals, dentists, various health specialists like dermatologists, physiotherapists, etc, can use this place as they see fit during their booked time slots.

We encourage every healthcare professional to feel at home at House of Cure.

Is there any eligibility criteria to book a space?

The only eligibility criteria to book a slot is that you need to be a healthcare professional. You don’t necessarily need to have an existing private practice or any minimum years of experience. We only ask for a copy of your qualification degree, address proof, and an existing resume or previous work record, if any. You will be required to sign an agreement contract when you sign up with us for the first time.

Is any particular type of practice considered exclusive?

No. House of Cure is a medical co-working space and we are open to every practice our space is a good fit for. We believe that every health-related practice is unique, but we don’t offer exclusivity to any practice.

What about patient / practitioner data privacy?

Due to the multi-practice sharing nature of the medical office space we provide, we do not provide for paper filing of patient records. All patient records are the responsibility of each practitioner and are to be stored electronically or off-site. If you are a gold or platinum member, you can avail of our in house patient management software which has designated login id s and passwords for each operating user. It is enabled with complete medical history/ treatment record privacy even when two operators work on the same patient they can only enter or edit treatment done by them individually for that particular patient.  Each practice type may be subject to different regulations regarding patient confidentiality and it is your responsibility to comply with any regulations applicable to your practice.


Do you provide a receptionist / assistant?

Yes! Your patients will be greeted by a live receptionist when they arrive. The receptionist will be there to answer questions and provide guidance.

You can also opt in for live answering and scheduling service where our receptionist will answer calls and schedule appointments for you on our customized patient management scheduling system that you will also have online access to.

For gold and platinum members, House of Cure provides administrative support as well such as billing, prescription printing, patient appointment reminders, etc.

What is included in the common area?

In addition to your use of a private exam/consulting room, you will also have access to the following common areas:

  • Fully furnished patient waiting room
  • Use of physical mailing address
  • Package and mail receipt and notification
  • Bathrooms
  • Pantry with complimentary beverage service, refrigerator and microwave
  • PC and printer
Do you provide any medical tools / instruments / material?

Basic medical diagnostic instruments for all medical / paramedical fields are provided by us that are cleaned, washed, autoclaved, and seal packed after every use. Disposable operator and patient protection / barrier material is provided by us. Every room is chemically disinfected after each booking. We have additional, field-specific instruments, which bare an additional cost per use based on availability.

For more information on the availability and pricing of medical tools, contact us.

Can I store my own material / supplies at the premises?

We have locker storage areas for you to store any supplies and materials you want to leave at the premise when you are not renting a room. We also offer a limited number of cold storage mini-refrigerators for those who want to store items that need to stay refrigerated.

Locker storage is complimentary for platinum members. If you are not a platinum member, you can still avail the locker storage facility at an additional price.

Can I display my marketing in the waiting room?

All the practitioners can place their business cards at a designated area in the waiting room. You can certainly share any other material with your patients and even network with other practitioners and cross-refer patients to each other.

If you are a gold or platinum member, you will have the benefit of displaying video/ image material in the waiting area during your ongoing slots. For additional marketing options, kindly contact us.


Do you charge a security deposit?

Yes, we require a refundable security deposit as follows:

  • For non-members: 500 for basic hourly use
  • For Members: 10% of the membership charges

The security deposit will be entirely refunded by the end of your booking period, but some or all of it may be forfeited if you default on your rent payments during your term or cause damage to the property beyond normal wear and tear.

Will I be eligible for a discount or any additional benefit if I book for more hours?

Yes, with House of Cure membership you are eligible for several benefits on volume-based bookings. For the smooth functioning of your medical practice, we offer complimentary hours as well as additional services for our members. You can choose from five different types of memberships based on your requirements.

For membership and pricing structure, click here.

House of Cure is a medical co-working space helping you to focus on your practice without any hassle. Depending on which membership you opt for, you are eligible for free hourly blocks as well as several additional services like patient data management on our in-house patient management software, regular appointment reminders to your patients on your behalf, designated and labeled cabin during your time slot, preference to our prime time slots during peak working days, etc.

How do I make the payment & what payment methods are accepted?

100% of the rent is to be paid in advance, before the use of premises. Modes of payment accepted are as follows:

  • Credit/debit cards
  • GooglePay
  • UPI transfers
  • Online/ mobile banking
  • ACH checking account that you provide to us and authorize us to charge automatically based on the specific rate spelled out in your Service Agreement

If your payment bounces due to insufficient funds or account closure, there will be a Rs. 500 bounce fee charge per occurrence.

We accept cheque and cash on initial sign up only, but after that, you’ll need to provide us with a credit/debit card or bank account to debit each week.

Do you charge commission on practitioner billings?

No, you keep 100% of your billings. We are here to help you build your practice. House of Cure is purely a real estate services company that is designed specifically to manage co-working space in the best possible way to help practitioners like you succeed by staying highly flexible and scalable. We offer medical office space and administrative services for a fee and do not get involved in your billings or revenue.

Do you offer referral incentives?

Yes, an existing member will receive special referral incentives if they refer us to another medical practitioner or a professional who ends up signing any of the membership service agreements with us. Incentives are purely based on the successful signed up membership, irrespective of the membership type of referee.

Referral incentives for each type of successfully converted membership are as follows:

Starter membership: 1% of onetime membership cost (10-hour slots)

Classic membership: 1.5% of onetime membership cost (30-hour slots)

Silver membership: 2% of onetime membership cost (90-hour slots)

Gold membership: 2.5% of onetime membership cost (150-hour slots)

Platinum membership: 3% of onetime membership cost (300-hour slots)

Duration / Slots

What term length do I need to commit to?

House of Cure is a co-working space for healthcare professionals and we believe in flexibility. We want to keep you stress-free from the troublesome rental commitments, hence we don’t have any strict monthly or annual agreements and you can book for as little as just one hour! We follow an hourly slot system which can be booked as per your needs, subject to availability.

You can also pre-book multiple hourly slots in advance to avail various complimentary services and schedule your appointments with your patients well in advance. Refer to the membership table for further information on the types of memberships available.

If you want to add any time blocks, you can do that at any time with no minimum notice required based on slot availability. If you want to reduce time blocks, that will require a 1-week prior notice.

Can I use the space on an irregular basis?

House of Cure allows you to book hourly slots with no fixed weekly or monthly minimums, for members as well as non-members. This works well for practitioners who only need space for occasional or irregular use or with more flexibility than a fixed weekly block.

With a membership (optional), however, you can save on the hourly booking rate and get additional benefits.

As a member, is there any weekly / monthly format I need to follow?

You can book rooms on our private member portal. Bookings are completely flexible as per your requirement. You can book for any room, any day, any hour, subject to availability. For instance, if you opt for the Classic membership, 33 hours can be used in any preferable combination.

You can also choose to add weekly time blocks to your membership, and those hourly slots can be automatically booked for you on a weekly recurring basis. However, this is completely optional.

Adding weekly time blocks comes with the following advantages:

  • It guarantees that you will have a specific room reserved for you every week at the same time (it serves as a physical address for your practice and becomes much more convenient for your patients to remember your regular practice address and time)
  • You will lock in lower per-hour pricing on your bookings

You can even change the days later on, subject to availability. Please contact us for more information on this.

You can, in addition to your weekly blocks, book additional hours on different days through our member portal. These additional hours would be billed at the current PAY AS YOU GO hourly rate. This will ensure that you have a hybrid of fixed weekly time blocks and variable PAY AS YOU GO slots, as needed.

Will I be allotted the same room every time?

If you have subscribed to gold/ platinum membership or booked fixed weekly recurring blocks well in advance, you can use the same room every time. The respective room will be blocked out for you automatically during your designated time blocks.

If you are booking on a PAYG (pay as you go) hourly basis, you can book any room based on availability. However, weekly block members will have priority over PAYG hourly members and so PAYG bookings may be subject to change in room assignment – but this is rare.


What services are not included in the rate?

The following are not included in your membership fee or weekly block fees but can be added based on your needs:


Lockers available for full-time storage of your supplies.  We also have mini-fridges for those who need to store supplies that need to stay refrigerated.

Assistant service

We have MA/Assistants available whose services can be pre booked or you are also free to bring your own assistant with you.

Print Paper / Toner Replenishment

There is a small charge of  ₹10 / use to contribute to the replenishment of paper, ink toner and machine maintenance for using the color laser printing/copying machine(s).

Specific field related instruments / appliances

At prior notice and an additional fee, additional equipment can be made available on request. Depending on the kind of appliance, a deposit amount will be collected prior to usage which will be returned to you in entirety unless the appliance/ instrument is damaged beyond normal wear and tear.

What services are included in the rate?

You won’t pay anything additional for all of the following services that are included in your membership service agreement. Typically, in a direct lease or sublease arrangement, you would pay for all of these things in addition to your rent.

  • Building CAM (Common Area Maintenance)
  • Real Estate rent / taxes
  • Utilities
  • Janitorial Services
  • WiFi internet
  • Use of facility furniture and equipment
  • Basic medical supplies stocked in the rooms
  • Sharps and medical waste disposal
  • CCTV surveillance of common areas
  • Regular PRO activities