Our Vision

To make House of Cure an ideal medical co-working space that healthcare professionals can call their ‘own’ and give them an opportunity to grow their practice with ease.

A Brief About House of Cure

Every doctor or a healthcare professional looking forward to starting or expanding an independent medical practice has to face the hassle of looking for an ideal space, shredding hefty costs on lease agreements or rent, and bearing the administrative overheads. While co-working culture is being warmly accepted by entrepreneurs and freelancers, we felt it’s time that these ‘space’ specific problems for medical professionals were addressed as well. House of Cure is a co-working space that provides real estate solutions for the medical and healthcare community with flexibility being the foremost principle.

With beautiful interiors, spacious waiting area, state-of-the-art rooms equipped with essential medical diagnostic instruments, and administrative services, House of Cure becomes an ideal space for pleasant patient experience, giving medical professionals a cost-effective and comfortable space for operation.

With House of Cure, you simply avoid long leases, operational costs, administrative overheads, risky investments and management stress. Welcome the modern way of carrying out your private practice, but this time, stress-free!

Mission Statement

“House of Cure is a dedicated medical co-working space that aims at reducing the financial, operational, and administrative burden on healthcare professionals, helping them focus primarily on patient well being. We strive to bring various specialists under one roof, redefining the parameters of networking within the medical community and allowing doctors to tailor treatments and prescriptions keeping patient needs in mind. With increased flexibility, we are determined to create a patient-centric treatment approach that encourages personalised therapies and specialised appointments along with an overall improved empirical experience.”

Brand Values

Promote Sustainable Growth & Openness
Foster an Environment of Collaboration
Believe in Accountability, Integrity & Unity
Respect & Encouragement for professionals